Love is Love, Yes, But What is Love?

What does love look like, behave like?


Some might argue that love is essential to our very being as humans. For the most part, we know what love is when we experience it, but how is that so? What is it about love anyway? Is it truly a universal experience and if so, why? Have you ever tried to explain what love is? Read more here.

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Objects as prompts

Acorn as prompt

You see acorn caps strewn all over, especially in late summer and early fall in New Hampshire. They bounce off rooftops and squirrels make a lot of racket devouring them at the end of the season. My daughter’s shown me how to use one as a whistle. A single acorn cap has many stories hidden inside — take a look. What do you see? Hear? Taste? Feel? Smell? Sense? Ask it. Listen. Write.

Sharing ideas makes the world go around...