A little backstory

See further to go farther

Hi, so glad you took a second to stop in. When I decided I wanted to be a writer, I began writing, which led to blogging, which led to writing for a regional newspaper and magazine. In the early days I can remember saying to an illustrator over coffee one day, ” I am going for the Caldecott!” I would eventually learn that I should have said Newbery Award….. oops….I just knew that writers seemed to get a pass.  The first thing I like to say to young writers is that we all have a voice. Honor your own writer’s voice. Now write the world!

3 thoughts on “A little backstory

  1. Hi Bonnie, So fun to read your work and see how you are enjoying life during these years! I too have found joy in writing and combining it with art and went back to school so I can share this joy with others. I went for an Arts in Medicine certificate so I can make art and write with those who are hospitalized. Still looking for the perfect job but hoping to see it blossom soon.
    Your work is inspiring and thought provoking! Best to you and the family, Dyan

  2. Thanks for checking out my writing and thanks for the follow. Looking forward to reading your work as well. Good luck on that winning that Caldecott, err Newbery award ;P

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