So, You Want to Write?


Just journal

Very quickly, here’s what you do if you are serious about writing and you are not famous and you don’t have an amazing life story…


Write in a journal.  (a lot, daily if possible)

Read the newspaper.

Start a blog, pick a subject, stick to something you are interested in.

Read books, all kinds of genres.

Join a group for writers, both locally and online.

Read other’s prose, learn to take criticism and to critique.

Join a group for poets, ditto.

Read other’s poems, again, ditto.

Start writing for  online news publication like

Read the news publication you really want to write for and understand its philosophy.

Start writing for local newspaper, pro bono, it’s practice and helps build a platform.

Read that paper as well.

Pitch your ideas to regional newspapers after you nail down a meeting with the editor by phone.

Be patient – this takes weeks of repeat calls and e-mails – don’t give up.

Meanwhile keep reading and writing, a lot.

Pitch your ideas to regional magazines.

Read them as well…

Check your local college or library for visiting writers and poets.

Go and listen.

Read, write, read, write, listen, ask questions.

That should be enough to at least get you started.

Anyone can write – you just have to do it.

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