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In order to be able to write in the first place, you need “a room of your own”  – a place where you can gather and write down your thoughts away from distractions.  And you will want to feel good in that space. As Virginia Woolf believed, we need a good space in order to even begin the craft of writing. So, set up a place, preferably not in your bedroom, where you can sit comfortably, feel safe,  and write. I have tried different spots in my house and I’ve found that what works best for me is my sun-porch: a sunny heated room off of the living room. I am an outdoors girl so feeling like I am a little closer to nature helps me to relax. I have a couple of chairs, my desk and my office chair in there, and more importantly, a door I can close if I need total quiet.  You’ll also need a small bookcase or a closet with shelves for your favorite books, necessary supplies, and any active folders to access works for current projects required for writing/poetry groups you may belong to, and I encourage you to join as soon as you feel ready. Being with other writers helps you to learn how to critique and how to accept constructive criticism which is an important part of the process of writing. On my desk I have my lap top – and always back up your files, just in case. On a smaller table I also have a printer, which you will need if you belong to a writers/poets group and/or if you plan on submitting work to traditional publishers. I am old-fashioned, so I really like having a cup of pens and pencils handy, some notebooks, sticky pads, and my daily journal close by which I try to find ten minutes to write in as a simple warm-up. It helps to remember there is no wrong or right – just write whatever comes to mind.  Finally, I have a stapler, paper clips, Kleenex, a picture of my family and a coaster for my coffee cup.  So drink up and get writing! You can do it. Anyone can be a writer, there is so much to write about, so many voices out there to share, and all it takes is passion, discipline and a room of your own. Write on!

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