Gram’s got Bitmoji


What do I write about? I hear this question a lot as a teacher. In fact I ask myself the same question when I sit down to meet a weekly deadline. Actually, I begin asking that question soon after I send my column to my editor.

Once you realize that anything you set out to write begins by thinking about it first, it’s a lot easier. So, what do you write about? I don’t know. That is a question that you have to answer yourself. I can tell you this. If you write for someone else, a teacher, an editor, a friend, it’s not going to be authentic. Just write for you. Sound like yourself. Be yourself. Follow your gut. And then begin the process of gathering data, and trust me, you’ll begin to see how the whole writing process truly works a lot more effectively that way.

I’ve written hundreds of weekly stories. Here’s an example of a recent essay inspired by my grandsons, Collin and Robert, who have taught me about this fun thing, you’ve probably heard about it, Bitmoji — a new app.




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