Black-tipped Lynx Rufus

bobcat sandwich, nh

It catches my eye as I walk across the room
tawny spots, gray tinged slink across the snowmelt
right, left, right, left – like pendulums to her clock
clawless tracks of a wildcat, a string of calling cards
for the squirrel, the vole, the quick snowshoe hare
and here I stand at the slider, aware, my desk a cache

my camera zooms, focuses, clicks, hunts her down
she licks and preens, lithe and lynx-like in the copse
a crowned queen on her throne of stone, she’s alone
paws retract now, tuck in against the cold, eyes half-close
under gray sky, undercover in her coated mantle of instinct

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4 thoughts on “Black-tipped Lynx Rufus

  1. Bonnie, my dear friend! I’m so glad you are sharing your poems. I feel like I am standing by the window with you, calling up words to reveal your bobcat neighbor. Thanks for the picture too — made me laugh, in light of HRH imagery. 🙂

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