May Day Lore

No one cares for May Day,

at least not any more!

It seems that all the May Days

once hailed from the great outdoors

have been clicked and tagged and filed away

in electronic desks and drawers.


The deer in early May in Sandwich, NH.


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15 thoughts on “May Day Lore

  1. I suppose a lot of celebrations end up spent I front of the TV – Christmas a prime example..I think your piece is crisp and a fine May Day

      1. Just a clarification: The first poem was a re-blog of another poem altogether 9not to do with the May Day prompt) that I really wanted to share on my website. Sorry for the confusion!
        Best- Bon

      2. No, I never did May Day baskets though I suspect I would have enjoyed that more than egg hunts and Easter baskets! We brought the neighbors home made cookies during the Christmas/Hanukkah season. BTW: I love the deer pic.

  2. I still believe there was once a need for a day when all people got together to show solidarity with those less fortunate, and even though life’s gotten better for so many, perhaps it’s once again time for something like this… But I do see what you’re getting at in this and I really enjoyed the read!

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