Up the Falls

Beede Falls, NH
Beede Falls, NH

A pensive hike, you smile
across the falls at me
the cascade a constant
declaration of invitation

I stand on the rooted bank
you have your footing
as you climb to the rocky top
for a better look
and perhaps a moment alone

you want to see it all
and I can’t stop that
even if I tried.

Poetry Pantry # 153
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19 thoughts on “Up the Falls

  1. To pass on from parent to child the solitude and beauty and inherent risk of the natural world takes courage – far be it from you to hinder another’s soul.

  2. There’s suspense in this poem, but also an underlying assurance that she’s been through it before; she will give him his space until it’s their time to spend together. Whether it’s daughter/son, or as I read it, partners, either way, there is a certain cave man thing in every guy I know! Thanks so much for commenting at my blog, Bonnie, so I could follow your breadcrumbs back here. Delightful. Wish I had your talent for saying things forthrightly without twelve verses!! Amy

  3. Been there, done that several times—-you captured the essence of childhood/motherhood all in a beautiful poem.

  4. You know, it IS frightening, isn’t it……when you fear what someone else is doing, but it is not our place (oftentimes) to stop them. They need to see what they can see, do what they can do; and we can just hope and pray they will be okay!

  5. nice…its scary being a parent..loosing them to learn the world…to climb those falls…just came down off the mountain with my boys who wanted to get close to the edge…

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