Up the Falls

Beede Falls, NH
Beede Falls, NH

A pensive hike, you smile
across the falls at me
the cascade a constant
declaration of invitation

I stand on the rooted bank
you have your footing
as you climb to the rocky top
for a better look
and perhaps a moment alone

you want to see it all
and I can’t stop that
even if I tried.

Poetry Pantry # 153
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19 thoughts on “Up the Falls

  1. The lives of those we love often seem so precarious, but we have to trust and hope that their seeking is rewarded and they will return again.

  2. It’s frightening when our own children are involved though some parents encourage it! They have to given some leeway to hone their skills. Nicely Bon!


  3. Lovely capture of that moment…when we have to let them go and let them see the world with their own pace and eyes ~ Nice to meet you ~

  4. This really made me smile because a few weeks ago, my hubby and I snuck off for a day trip to a local area that has over 15 falls. It ended up snowing (such is life in Canada in the spring), but after 3 hours we were finally rewarded with the big falls. Yeah, sometimes we have to step aside and let our loved ones walk a solitary trail…if only for a little while.

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