Feb. 27 Prospectus Discussion & Lit Workshop


Sorting out the data.

Feb. 27 Prospectus Discussion & Lit Search Workshop

Before Class:

* AP: Project Prospectus Due to ePort by 5pm Tuesday. Link to the rubric for the AP prospectus is HERE. (AP rubric also at that link.)
* RA: Research Article Prospectus Due to ePort by 5pm Tuesday. Link to the rubric for the RA prospectus is HERE. (RA rubric at that link.)
* IMPORTANT: Please put the two prospectuses together in one post.
* Log the link on our spreadsheet.

In Class:

I. AP/RA Action-Intention Mission Statement Quick Write 

(Read below to help you get started)
What have you set out to do so far re: your RA/AP? In what ways do you see them connected to each other? Look for ties. Talk about the disciplines you will be exploring, books/articles you’ve read, interviews you’re planning, and how those things are relevant to your research and Project. Beyond yourself, and your academic community, whom do you hope to impact, why,  and how are you going to do what,when? Be specific.

Begin with:

“My IDSsem capstone mission is to find out ___________ because__________.

I’d like to learn more about ___________ and create __________ because__________.

I’m planning to ___________ and __________.

Use this statement to write further, create bullets, or sketch a storyboard, or use an another method which makes your RA/AP aim and purpose clear. Use the method that works for you so that you can articulate your plan to your group’s members. About 3 minutes.

II. Prospectuses Statement How/Why Open Round Table Protocol in 5/6 Member Group

1. Member 1 reads, then listens. (Members may take notes/jot questions if needed.)
2. Member 2 reiterates. (member 1 may jot additional thoughts during the how/why question period.)
3. Member 3 poses question(s). All questions begin with ‘how or why?’.
4. Member 4 poses.
5. Member 5 poses.
6. Member 6 poses.
7. Member 1 responds to members’ inquiries.
8. Repeat the process until all members have participated in all roles.
9. Following group discussion protocol on prospectuses, visit, robustly comment posing further wonderings, and share a peer’s prospectus @member and @bonniejtoomey #IDSsem using Twitter and Facebook.

III. The RA Literature Search

* This is the research that will be the backbone of your research article.
* Visit Lamson Website. Sign in/up for Noodle. (Exercise)
* Choose whether you’ll be using MLA or APA.
* Frame your topic into a research question.
* Write a statement/hypothesis/thesis hunch.
* Create a source for your annotated bibliography which includes citation info for each source, the main discipline from whiuch the source draws, the focus of the insight from the source (ie- what is the main useful concept or info that the source contributes), and your evaluation of the insight (ie- how helpful will the source be to you and where/how you might use it in your paper).  You may add other columns to the chart if you wish (for example, useful quotes from the source).
* This list will be the bones of your Lit Search
* Your texts will ultimately need to draw from a minimum of 3 disciplines, but there’s no maximum!
* Read at 2 articles/2 books, and take notes, and save
* Site an interview, take notes, save
* Classify sources as you go. Is it a journal, book, interview, video? Noodle offers categories as you gather and organize.

On your own: visit Lamson’s Interlibrary Loan. Think about articles/journals/books/videos, etc. that you would like to reserve for your research. Order at least one book/article, etc. from Interlibrary Loan.  Find it on Amazon, and then check the Lamson online catalog to make sure we don’t own it before you order it!

IV.  IDSsem Group Photo for archive

Bring Plymouth State IDSsem bling if you have any! Check with me if you have any questions or concerns.
* Be thinking about equitable ideas for our Year-end presentation for the public. How to best show our awesome findings/share projects using our time, which is brief, and utilize the space?

Reminder: *Tuesday, March 6 there’s no physical class meeting, but you should work on your Lit Search for your research articles and applied projects. Follow the syllabus requirements.



Sharing ideas makes the world go around...

I was offed on Facebook! Ouch.


Friendship at worst is messy, and at best is a tide of give and take.

I was unfriended on Facebook recently.  Maybe it’s happened to you? Should we be surprised, bothered, amused or sad? Maybe none of the above. It seems, in our fast-paced, exciting world, ever more evolving through technology, the definition of friendship is ever-evolving too.

Read more about being unfriended  here.

Sharing ideas makes the world go around...