Divorce can mean the family expands

Children whose parents divorce have more than one familial home and more opportunities for experiences specific to those unique environments.

Divorce is not so uncommon anymore, in fact in 2017 there were more singles than those married in the United States. There’s no question, even the most amicable divorces can be stressful, and those that aren’t can be devastating, both financially and emotionally. When there are children involved, most parents want to act in the best interests of their children. And sadly that also can mean hurt feelings, unnecessary  deep divisions within the familial structure as a child has known it and long and expensive custody battles which really serve no one, least of whom, the very child mom and dad are striving to protect. But what if we were to look at divorce where children are concerned as the family construct expanding to include new experiences and opportunities for a child, rather than reinforcing a sense of breaking apart? Read my take here.

Sharing ideas makes the world go around...

The Swing

The measured sawn board,

sanded seat parallel

to the rise where the sappy roots dive

two ropes, worked through the holes,

knotted and plum.

My father pulls the swing,

leans back over the edge of the world,

grasps the ropes with hands

as scored as the inside of our wheelbarrow

the toes of his boots dig into the stubbled grass

behind the dirt patch launch.

Legs tucked, elbows bent,

a rocket ride

promised to aim

straight for the smiling sun,

the giddy countdown

and then

the push, as we move forward together

the rush of the under duck,

my legs unfold

reach to the robin’s egg sky above the pine bough

back to the bursting forsythias

back to him.


Sharing ideas makes the world go around...