Twitter as prompt

Africa reduced to a simple worksheet

I was tweeting the other day and happened across a provocative post @amcollier Anne of Green Mountains about a lacking 3rd grade worksheet on Africa. As you can imagine, the vast continent is front and center in the media with President Trump’s recent disparaging comments. My point is this, creating a learning network on Twitter and interacting with others who are there is a viable way to expand your own thinking  and share ideas.

You can read this week’s column “There’s More to Ethiopia than kids’ starving” — a personal response to and inspired by Anne of Green Mountains which taps into my own experience as both teacher and writer.


Sharing ideas makes the world go around...

Objects as prompts

Acorn as prompt

You see acorn caps strewn all over, especially in late summer and early fall in New Hampshire. They bounce off rooftops and squirrels make a lot of racket devouring them at the end of the season. My daughter’s shown me how to use one as a whistle. A single acorn cap has many stories hidden inside — take a look. What do you see? Hear? Taste? Feel? Smell? Sense? Ask it. Listen. Write.

Sharing ideas makes the world go around...