Writing Workshop in Tamworth, NH in January

I will be part of a month-long four-part series of Saturday writing workshops. It is geared to be a safe, fun, and inspiration-packed collaboration. I hope you will join us. Blurb below!

My workshop to be held on IMG_0546.PNGstories about who we are, like that silly acorn cap I pulled from my coat pocket when the weather turned wintry… I am so excited about the chance to share my ideas on getting started and or on stoking that old flame you’ve been meaning to sit near. Let’s muse!! More to come, stay posted. 🙂

Sharing ideas makes the world go around...

Reading Pleases

It pleases us to read

a need which raises

society up and the

propriety of the child.- BJT


Sharing ideas makes the world go around...





At first they look at me as a teacher

from behind a podium.

I look at them as my teachers

as I sit cross-legged on the table

in front of open journals

and raised hands.

We are all learning and

we are all trying to express

just what that means.

Sharing ideas makes the world go around...